June 11 Team at Base Camp

Due to the weather, the team had a bit of a delay flying out of Talkeetna to the Kahiltna Glacier. It’s not uncommon for teams to be delayed in Talkeetna and it’s not an uncomfortable place to spend a few extra hour. As soon as the weather cooperated, the team mobilized and flew in to…


June 1 Team at 14 Camp

Yesterday was a long, hard day for the team as they made the move from 11 Camp to 14 Camp. It has been snowing heavily and the team broke trail through waist deep snow to reach camp. Breaking trail is exhausting work! It sounds like the team will take today to rest, hydrate, and enjoy…


June 6 Team Caches

Unfortunately the call was once again cut short, but are able to hear the beginning of Lead Guide Eli’s report. It was a snowy, cold day but the team pushed through and carried a load of equipment and supplies to 13700′. Everyone is back a camp and doing well.

Here’s Eli:



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Meet the June 11 Denali Team

WELCOME JUNE 11 DENALI WEST BUTTRESS TEAM! A team of climbers from around the world met in Anchorage yesterday for a Team Meeting and equipment check. The team spent the day finalizing packing and picking up last minute supplies. Early this morning the guide team will collect the climbers and journey three hours north to…

May 28 Team Holding at 14 Camp

It was a cold, windy day on the mountain and the team stayed hunkered down at 14 Camp. Weather days/rest days are helpful for the team, as it allows everyone to recover, hydrate, and mentally prepare for the move to High Camp. And conditions are fairly tolerable at 14 Camp, as far as those things…

June 1 Team Holding at 11 Camp

The weather closed in and the the team stayed put, safe and sound, in 11 Camp. The team will be ready to roll and excited to stretch their legs once the clouds lift and they can continue to ascend. The photo below is of 11 Camp looking south on a clear day. Here’s Nathan with…

June 1 Team at 11 Camp

Unfortunately the call was cut short due to the vagaries of satellite communication in the mountains, but we were able to catch that the team is fine and hunkered down at 11 Camp, watching it snow. Guide Chris reports 1.5 feet of fresh snow!

Here’s Chris:


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