May 20 Team moves to High Camp!

Guide Matt Park called with the great news that the team moved from 14 Camp to High Camp (17,200′) today. It sounds like the conditions were cold and windy, but the team reached their goal and they were met by two other Mountain Trip teams hunkered down at High Camp. It’s a real morale booster…


May 21 Team Moves to High Camp!

It’s a Mountain Trip party up at High Camp! The May 21Team joined, moving from 14 Camp to High Camp today. Guide Nick Nason reports that the move went well and everyone was feeling good, but tired, upon arrival at High Camp. The team is hunkered down, resting and eating and hydrating in preparation for…


The Waiting Game: May 17 at High Camp

We’ve all heard the saying “Patience is a virtue”…..but it’s difficult when you are at 17,200′ at High Camp on Denali. The team is watching the weather carefully and standing by for the opportunity to ascend. The challenges of keeping mentally strong are just as real as the physical challenges of a climb, and we…


May 19 Jay West Buttress Team settled in at High Camp, awaiting window

Mountain Trip guide Fischer Hazen called in another quick update from High Camp for the May 19 team, still happy, healthy and playing the waiting game with the weather and winds up high. Not much has changed, but the team wanted to report that they are still healthy and doing well!

Here’s Fischer!


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May 21 West Buttress Team moving to High Camp!

Mountain Trip guide Chris Cullaz called in an update from the May 21 West Buttress team, who enjoyed a rest day yesterday at 14,200′ to maximize their acclimatization before moving higher on the route. Today the team plans to move up to High Camp at 17,200′. The weather outlook for Monday and Tuesday looks promising…