Trip Reports

May 18th Team – SUMMIT!!

The entire team of our May 18th West Buttress expedition stood on the summit of Denali last night! It sounds like they had a good day and skies were clear as they climbed from their high camp at 17,200′ to the 20,310 foot summit. Congrats to all the climbers! Enjoy! recording

May 23rd Team Moves to Camp 3

Nick Ciuzio called in with a very special message from 14,200′ in a broad basin known as Genet Basin, right below the massive West Buttress of Denali. The team broke camp at their Camp 2, strapped crampons to their mountain boots and carried their heavy packs up a series of moderately steep slopes that commenced…

May 30 Team Carries Loads to 10,000′

Asher Perez called in from our May 30th Team’s Camp 1 at 7,800′ on the Kahiltna Glacier. Today, they carried loads up to an elevation of about 10,000′, below Kahiltna Pass, the very start of the 40-mile long glacier. They day started with a long, moderate slope as they headed up glacier. Known as Ski…