In Anchorage!

The expedition has returned from the field and have said their goodbyes to each other after a successful expedition.  By all accounts it was an extraordinary trip.  Look soon for the final blog entry by lead guide Jacob Schmitz.  Thanks for following along!

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May 29 team – a hello from 11,200′

[audio:|titles=Audio Post]
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May 24 traverse team- moved to the Harper

The traverse team is now poised to summit Denali and continue over to the north side of the Alaska range.  They are currently in a new camp at 17,800′ on the upper Harper glacier, just over Denali Pass and are planning on making an attempt for the summit today if conditions permit it.

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May 31st Team – Justin Checks in from 11,200′

Justin Overdorff called in with the latest, greatest news from the beautiful basin camp at 11,200′ on the West Buttress.  He also had a (somewhat sheepish?) request for Jules out there. [audio:|titles=Audio Post] (Editor’s note) Jules, you gotta understand that a Denali climb takes lots of mental and psychological preparation.  Some things can’t help but…

May 31 team- moved to 11,200′

The May 31 team pushed up the Kahiltna from camp 1 to establish camp 2, which is traditionally at 11,200′.  This camp is up off the main flow of the Kahiltna glacier, tucked in a smaller tributary valley that is relatively sheltered from weather systems.  Crevasses run throughout the area, so a lot of time…

May 29 team- at 11,200′ still

The weather didn’t cooperate today, and the team stayed at 11 in hopes of acceptable conditions in the near future.

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