May 28 Team Moves to 14 Camp

Today Team Alpha Whisky (May 28) made the move from 11,222′ to 14,000′. They cruised past Windy Corner and yesterday’s cache site and plateaued in the beautiful Genet basin. The views from 14 Camp are stunning—Mount Foraker is right in your face and the Alaska range seems to go on forever.       The…


June 1 Team on the Move!

The team woke early, packed up camp, and moved approximately 5 miles up the glacier to Camp 1 at 7800′. Lead Guide Seba reports that the team made good time and enjoyed the beautiful weather on the lower glacier.


Here’s Seba:


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May 18 Team Practicing Patience at High Camp

It’s a difficult, but essential, skill for a mountaineer: patience. The team was poised for a summit attempt, but the weather on the upper mountain was not settled and it became a rest day at High Camp for the team. Climbers will be resting, hydrating, eating, and mentally preparing for an opportunity to continue the…

May 25 Team Caches at 16,400′

It was an exciting day for the Team to carry a load of equipment and supplies up the Headwall and the fixed lines to a cache site at 16,400′. Above 14 Camp the terrain steepens and the world broadens as climbers ascend up and out of the Genet basin and on to the flank of…

May 28 Team–Sorry, Recording Failed

Unfortunately, due to the vagaries of satellite phone communication, today’s trip report was cut short. But I felt that friends and family of the team would like to hear Ryan’s voice, however brief….


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May 21 Team at High Camp!

It sounds like it was a long, but good, day for the May 21 Team as they pushed up to High Camp 17,200′. The team is moving well and guide Jesse reports that everyone is in good spirits and excited to finally be at High Camp. After the big move, the team will now rest,…

June 1 Team at Base Camp

It was skills day at Base Camp for the June 1 Team. Lead Guide Sebastian Grau reviewed glacier travel skills with the team and each team member prepared his/her sled for the move to Camp1. The Team plans to make their move to Camp 1 in the early hours of the morning, around 3:30 AM,…

May 25 Team Backcarry from 14,000 ft Camp

Dan Starr called in the evening expedition dispatch for our May 25th Denali team this evening. They are settled in at the 14,000 ft camp and today went back down to pick up the cache of food and fuel they left a couple of days ago at 13,500ft. It’s a relatively short day so everyone…

May 18 Denali Team at High Camp

They May 18th team spent the day resting and recovering at high camp today after a big climb yesterday to 17,200ft. The weather is beautiful, and looks like it will continue to be great for a few more days, so they are hoping to get to the summit tomorrow after this day of rest. They…