Denali Team Dagg On The Summit!

Brian Dagg called in from the summit of Denali along with Mountain Trip guides Zach Keskinen and Jason Denley! Pushing up during a very cold day, the climbers reported gusty winds as they made their way up to the summit of North America.  The route took them up the 1000′ (300m) rising traverse known as…


May 21 Denali Team Backcarried to Camp 2

Niclas Pettersson called in after the team dropped down from their Camp 2 to retrieve the cache of supplies they buried the day before yesterday at about 10,200′ (3110m).  After digging up their cache, they loaded the supplies into their packs and sleds for the hike back to camp at 11,200′ (3400m). In climber parlance,…


May 21 Denali West Buttress team moves to Camp Two – 11,200′

Mountain Trip guide Wyatt Mayo called in an update on the May 21 Denali West Buttress team, who made the move from Camp One at 7,800′ up to Camp Two at 11,200′.

Here’s Wyatt with the quick update:

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May 8 West Buttress team at High Camp, likely to make summit push TODAY

Mountain Trip guide Brian Muller called in an update on the May 8 Denali West Buttress team from High Camp at 17,200′.

The team hopes to make their summit push TODAY 5/26.

Here’s Brian!

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May 18 Denali West Buttress team – Ascended Motorcycle Hill to cache

Climber Lee Pain called in an update from Camp Two at 11,200′.

Here’s Lee!

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