Merry Christmas from Aconcagua

Nick had the honors of making the Christmas call from our Aconcagua team.  They carried a load of gear up to Camp 1 today to stock up for the move up the mountain.  Sounds like they are having a good time and are doing great.  Listen to the call, and have a wonderful holiday.


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Vinson Team at High Camp

Adam called in late yesterday to report that the team decided to make the push up to high camp.  They slept in somewhat yesterday, after making their move up the Branscomb Glacier to establish themselves at what is known as “Low Camp.”  This camp is at the base of a 1000m high, fairly steep ridge…

Vinson Team calls in from Camp 1

Scott Grischow calls in from Camp 1 (Low Camp) on Mount Vinson.  They spent yesterday in base camp watching it snow and waiting for “the storm of the season” to pass, which didn’t really materialize as forecast.  So they spent an extra day in base camp resting and getting ready for the move today.   It’s…