May 8 Team – Waiting on Clear Skies at Camp 2

The May 8 Team is preserving through yet another weather day at Camp 2 11,000 ft (3353 m). Alaskan weather conditions of heavy fog and low-lying clouds have kept teams in a holding pattern from as far away as Talkeetna. The anticipation for the objective of the climb increases on the daily when snow and wind mandate staying in place.

However, the team is finding ways to keep their morale high and use this time to prepare for the climbing days ahead. When not shoveling snow and constructing wind walls to prevent heavy drifting from burying the tents the climbers are able to catch up on reading with warm drinks. In the evening they gather in the cook tent for a Mountain Trip menu favorite – big bowls of hot curry and some weather-hold camaraderie. Everyone has their fingers crossed for clear skis. Stay tuned!


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