May 18 West Buttress Team moves to Camp Two at 11,200′

The May 18 Denali West Buttress Team made the move from Camp One at 7,800′ to Camp Two at 11,200′.

They will likely spend today (5/24) to backcarry and retrieve their cache at 10,500′ near Kahiltna Pass.

Here’s the update!

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May 21 Denali West Buttress – Meet the Team!

WELCOME TO ALASKA – MAY 21 DENALI WEST BUTTRESS TEAM   Mountain Trip appreciates the trust and support of our climbers and another team of adventurers have chosen to join us in Alaska, to fly in to the stunning, heavily glaciated Alaska Range to attempt the West Buttress route on North America’s highest peak–Denali–which soars…

NPS Information On Accident

We mentioned that one of our teams witnessed an accident on the 20th of May.  The incident did not involve anyone on a Mountain Trip team, although our May 8th team was very close to the climbers immediately before they fell.  Both climbers survived the fall.  Nevertheless, it was traumatic for our climbers to see.…