Jack McGee calls in from 14,000′

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Matt Barela calls

Guide Matt Barela called in from Base Camp to give the report of their day. Pizza and beer tonight!

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Camp 2 Life

We are enjoying our 6 days here at Camp 2. We have been fortunate to have some really great weather thus far and have 3 days left before we head down. Bill, Neal, Ephi and Chris climbed to Camp 3 at 24,000 ft. today as part of a planned acclimatization trip. News Flash- Neal and…


The team showed up in Talkeetna under dismal skies and expectations of waiting out the clouds at the local brewery, but fortunately lead guide Jared Vilhauer knows enough to get everything ready to go no matter what the weather looks to be doing, as there are many miles between Talkeetna and the southeast fork of…

Call from Richard Q.?

Hello! We got a call from Richard, I believe, giving us the run-down of their experience today. Chilly temperatures (-10 to -20 degrees F) and snow have them snuggled in their tents right now, but getting ready for some skill building on the fixed lines.

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A hello from Matt Barela

Matt called in this evening to report a good day of climbing up onto the Southwest ridge of peak 11,300′ (3,444m).  They are camped at the second col and report that all is going great, both climbers feel strong and willing. The above picture was taken just outside of downtown Talkeetna on the day they…

Relay: on the way down

I haven’t talked to Jacob but I have word from another Mountain Trip group which has reported that this expedition is headed down the mountain towards basecamp.  All is well, and more details will follow soon.

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It’s cold up there

No doubts- high camp is a cold place to be, and the team members are undoubtedly wearing all of their down clothing and zippering their sleeping bags shut tight, and drinking lots of hot drinks to combat the chill.  Jacob led a rope team up to Denali pass to prepare the slope for a summit…


Staeheli and company took a short walk down the trail yesterday to pick up a cache of gear at 13,500′ (4111m) to prepare to carry most of that gear and food to 16,000′ (4865m).  Henry reported conditions as ‘very cold’, even in direct sunlight.  The plan for today was to take a rest day to…