Heading down the mountain

The climbers packed up camp at 17,200 ft this morning and started down the hill.  They stopped at the 14,000 camp for a rest and some food, and plan to continue on down to base camp tonight and should be there some time tomorrow.

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June 24th Team Summits!

Congratulations to all the climbers on the June 24th team who reached the summit of Denali today!  It was a windy day, and the weather was deteriorating in the afternoon, but they were able to get to the summit and are now back safely in high camp. Here’s guide Ted Grosgebauer with the evening audio…

Eli Calls from Camp 3 at 14,200 ft

Eli called in this evening to give us an update on the team.  They moved up from the 11,000 camp yesterday after waiting out some bad weather for 6 days.  They are pretty happy to be climbing again!

Listen to Eli.


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Safely back to camp tonight

The climbers pushed for the summit today, but their brief window of good weather shut down again and they were forced to turn around before getting to the top today.  It hard to make the decision to turn around, but we are happy to hear that they are all safely back in camp tonight. Here’s…

June 17th Team in Base Camp

The team arrived in base camp this evening after descending through the night last night from high camp.  They gave it a good effort, and waited out a bunch of bad weather, but ran out of time on their trip.  They are waiting in base camp now, as the continued cloudy weather isn’t allowing planes…

Going for the Summit!

Pearl and Anis along with guides Kim Grant and Dan Starr left for the summit this morning as they watched the weather improve a bit. They hope to take advantage of a break from the winds and snow and get to the top late today.   Cason and Tyler remained in high camp and will be…

June 15th Team Update

The June 15th team had an interesting day on Denali, and they are spread out in a couple of different camps as Suzanne is descending with a cold injury on one hand accompanied by Beau and teamed up with another Mountain Trip team.  Cason joined yet a different Mountain Trip team with just one other…

June 24th Team moved to High Camp

Viviane called in from the June 24th Team from High Camp at 17,200 ft this evening.  They woke to much nicer weather than was forecast, and made the climb up another 3000 ft to high camp.  They could go to the summit as early as tomorrow if the weather cooperates.


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