Jan 23 Aconcagua Team – Heading up to Penitentes

Jacob emailed a photo from in front of the Executive Hotel in Mendoza.  The team is en route up to the small ski resort of Penitentes, where they will finalize their packing and pass loads along for the arrieiros (mule drivers) to load onto their mules for the hike into Base Camp.

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Mountain Trip Jan. 23 Aconcagua Team

Our final team for the 2011/12 Aconcagua team is meeting in Mendoza today!  They’ll spend the afternoon checking gear and enjoying a beautiful summer day in Mendoza Argentina.   It’s a beautiful city with sidewalk cafe’s and big city parks every couple of blocks.   They’ll go out for a “welcome dinner” tonight, Mendoza is famous for…

Aconcagua Team – In Mendoza

Our December 19 Aconcagua team arrived back in Mendoza late last night after a long day. They awoke yesterday at Plaza de Mulas base camp at over 14,000 ft and about 18 miles from the trailhead. They hiked down the Horcones Valley where they were met a van which brought them back to Mendoza late…