Denali Japan 8 8 Team At 11,200′

The team cached above their camp yesterday, meaning they carried a load of supplies and equipment most of the ay to their next camp at 14,200′.  Today, they remained at the 11,200′ camp, taking some acclimatization hikes to help their bodies better adapt to the thinning air of the altitude. Eli Potter, Keizo, Mr. Matsumoto…


Upper West Rib Team – At High Camp!

Lead guide Peter “Pi” Inglis started today’s call from their high camp on the Upper West Rib.  They climbed up in somewhat challenging conditions, and carved a camp out of the steep snow.  This camp is spectacular, with HUGE views to the south.  They will take the first opportunity that presents itself to make their…

June 9 Ward Team – Rich Calls from 11,200′

Rich Ward called in on behalf of the team, which moved up to camp at 11,200′ today.  All is well, and they are looking forward to donning crampons for the next section of their route.


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