Call from 14,000 Camp

Good morning everyone.  We received a call from our April 17th team last night.  Chase Franklin gives us all the update on food, weather, and their plans for the next few days.

Click here to hear Chase and Zach:

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Beautiful Views from Pumori

Another hike to Pumori today. The views are stunning. We are looking forward to heading back up there soon.

Bill Allen
Mountain Trip

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Audio Post: Staeheli’s Spaghetti 4/27/11

Dave Daquino gives us all an update on the great food and chilly temperatures!

Click here to HEAR!

[audio:|titles=Audio Post]
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Slide Show of the Area around Camp 1

[slideshow] Here are some images of the terrain that the team is hiking through.  There are two shots of tents in the Camp 1 area, one looking roughly down glacier with Mount Hunter slightly visible through the clouds, and another looking up glacier past a couple camps with Ski Hill in the background.  Another, with…

At Camp 1

Henry called in yesterday evening to report that the team packed up all their kit and moved five miles up the vast Kahiltna Glacier to a spot at about 7,800′ (2380m) where they set up their Camp 1.  The spot is off the point where the Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna comes out from the…

Life at Everest Base Camp

Bill Allen, Everest Base Camp April 27th We woke up to another snowy morning here at base camp, but after a few hours the skies cleared and it actually turned into a pretty nice day. Scott, Ephi, and Chris enjoying a snowy morning at base camp (Khumbu Ice Fall in the back ground) Yesterday was…

Audio Post 4/26/11

Hi folks,

The April 24th team has called in a post from 7,800 feet on the Kahiltna glacier.  They are planning to hike up and cache some food above “ski Hill”, then come back down to camp. Click to hear the update:

[audio:|titles=Audio Post]
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Headed to Base Camp!

The April 24th team is en route to KIA (Kahiltna International Airport), located at 7,200′ (2200m) on the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier. They left Anchorage at about 8 am this morning and drove 45 minutes to the famous town of Wasilla, Alaska (“I can see Russia from my yard!”) where they took a…