Everest Expedition – Manoj is at C2, Headed Up!

Manoj called in a report today from Camp 2.  He climbed up from Everest Base Camp and will spend two nights at Camp 2 before moving up to Camp 3.  The forecast is looking pretty good for a summit attempt on the 21st, and that is the goal at present.

Best of luck Manoj!!


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Off to Camp 2 Tonight!

It has been a cloudy evening here in Base Camp.  After weeks of waiting and getting ready to go, Manoj and DaWang Chu are off to Camp 2 tonight.  They are looking at a window of summiting of the 21st and 22nd.  Earlier this morning there was some delay with other teams up at the…

May 12 Team is on the Glacier!

We had a team assemble in Anchorage over the weekend, consisting of some returning Mountain Trip friends.  Isaac and Ariel Tyler are back with us, as well as some friends from across the pond, Mary Scannell and Grant Ritchie.  All four have climbed with us in the past, and we are grateful for their continued…

May 8 Team – At Camp 2

Vanessa called in to recap the team’s progress and to send regards to some loved ones.  The team moved up to Camp 2 at 11,200′ today.  They are set up in a stunningly beautiful, glacial basin at about 11,200′, with big views out to the west and northwest.  Ringing the basin are some huge ice…