Trip Reports

June 22 Team Practices Skills

The team spent a good part of today practicing skills for the upper mountain, they also focused on hydrating and relaxing for the big move up to High Camp. Manuel called in the report today and he had a special message for his German speaking friends, but unfortunately his message was cut short just as…

June 22nd team Moved into Camp 3

Nate called in from the June 22nd team as they settled in to Camp 3 at 14,200 ft today. They’ve been enjoying beautiful weather up until now and are expecting a bit of wind and snow for a couple of days. Everyone is having fun and doing great. Here’s Nate with the evening dispatch from…

West Rib team taking a rest day

The West Rib team is at their high camp and taking a rest/acclimatization day before heading to the summit. They are enjoying beautiful views, checking the forecasts, and watching the weather hoping to get a shot at the summit in the next couple of days. Here’s Fischer with the update from Balcony Camp: