June 19th Team on the Summit!

Rob called in from the top of Denali just minutes ago!   They battled the weather a bit today, but they are doing great and moving really well.   Congratulations Rob, Con, and Nick!   They’ll head back down to high camp in just a few minutes where they’ll spend the night and rest before beginning their long…


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June 23 Denali Team Backcarried Today

An enthusiastic post was called in by the June 23rd Team.  I’m uncertain who the caller was, so if anyone can help identify him, please let us know! The team backcarried today, meaning they dropped down out of camp to pick up the supplies they had cached at 13,500′ a few days before.  Reunited with…

June 13 Denali Team Is at Base Camp

We’ve not heard from the team in a few days, but we did get a report late yesterday that they had decided not to continue their bid for the summit.  The team had experienced a number of weather delays, but continued their push for the summit in spite of those challenges.  After arriving at High…