May 16 Team Is On The Glacier!

The crew awoke early this morning and were picked up by the guide team, along with their chauffeur for the day, Todd Rutledge.  We drove north to the interesting town of Wasilla, Alaska for coffee and sandwiches, before continuing north to Talkeetna.  Caroline was slightly disappointed as we drove north, because she had set her…


May 16 Team – Rob Calls From Base Camp

Rob Mortell called in the team’s first update from the mountain!  They are planning on spending tomorrow at Base Camp, reviewing skills and preparing for their move up the glacier.


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May 8th Team – a Wonderful Call From Joshua!

Joshua Clark just called in a very descriptive and interesting post from the 14,200′ camp!  The team spent the day resting from their tough move up to camp and all the effort they spent fortifying their camp last night.

I’ll say no more.  Enjoy!


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May 16th Team Gear Check And Some Shopping In Anchorage

Everyone arrived and the team got together for a team meeting at the Millennium Alaska Hotel.  As people flew into Alaska from so many parts of the world, it is impressive that everyone’s bags arrived!

Below are some photos from the day:

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May 16 West Buttress Team – Meet the Team!

Denali.  “The Great One.”  Mount McKinley. By any name, the behemoth that dominates south central Alaska is something to behold in awe and to treat with the utmost respect.  For climbers, the mountain presents what many might consider the challenge of a lifetime, as they pit themselves against brutal winds, arctic temperatures and the thin…

May 12 Team Hilde Updates in Noreigian?

Wow… This is the third post in a row that I am pretty much totally confused about!  I am fairly certain that our Norwegian friend Hilde is calling in to her friends and family, but my Norske is extremely rusty… If anyone can help translate, “tusen takk!”


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May 8 Team – Camped at 14,200′!

Cyrille called in a nice post in French from the large basin camp at 14,200 feet.  The team moved up today and had some excitement, when one of the members, Ryan, found himself suddenly chest-deep in a crevasse at about 13,700 feet!  The glacier was quite wind-swept and the trail crosses a number of well-known…

May 8 Team – At 11,200′ Camp

It has been a few days since we heard from the team.  They have had a bit of challenge with communicating, due to the terrain in which they are camped.  They are at the beautiful basin camp located at 11,200 feet, that is bordered on three sides by steep walls, with one open side facing…

May 12 Team—Practicing Skills and Ready to Move up the Glacier

Silvia called in the team’s report today. She reports that the weather is beautiful and sunny, the team is eating well (pancake breakfast!), and practicing glacier travel skills. The plan is to move up the glacier to Camp 1 at 7800 feet, a distance of 5 miles from base camp.

Here’s Silvia:


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