May 7 Private Team – Update from Camp 2!

Guide Jesse Yon reported from Camp 2 11,000 ft (3353 m) that their climb team of three successfully made the push from Camp 1 9,800 ft (2988 m)! En route, the team moved through some sections of very low visibility that our guides navigated using their knowledge of the route, maps, and “wands” or bamboo stakes placed by Denali National Park Service climb rangers to mark the route for these types of white-out conditions.

The reward for this long section of travel? Hot soup and warm beds! There’s nothing like it after a long day of glacier travel where the team moved on snowshoes carrying heavy packs & full sleds while negotiating traveling on a rope team together. Think, “When I move you move”! Rope teams are a preventative way to travel over glaciated terrain with open crevasses but, they do require some finesse!

Check out Jesse’s recording below to hear about the likely next steps – assessing the weather higher up on the mountain and organizing a back carry to the teams’ cache site at 9,300 ft (2835 m)!


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