May 15 West Buttress Team at 14-Camp

Mountain Trip climber Shaun Scott called in an update from 14-Camp, where the team is waiting for the winds to die down up high before moving up to High Camp and eventually, the summit of Denali. He noted that the winds were so strong up high, that those camped at 14,200′ could hear the winds…


May 19th Team at 11,000

Ryan is back with the team after making a lap to base camp, while Adam, Linda, and Aparna made a cache up at nearly 13,000 ft.  They are a small team of 4 now, and they’ve got their cache in, so they are ready to move on up to Camp 3 at 14,000 ft as…


Denali May 26th Team at Base Camp

The Mountain Trip May 26th Denali West Buttress expedition is underway!  They met in Anchorage on the 26th, checked their gear and had a final meeting and briefing about the trip, then this morning they hopped in the Mountain Trip van and drove a little over 2 hours to Talkeetna, Alaska.  In Talkeetna, they checked…


May 11 Denali Team Dispatch

The team checked in from the 14,200 ft camp where they spent another day hoping for the weather to improve. It was another exceptionally cold night, but the weather is forecasted to improve early next week.

Here’s the call.

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Denali May 22nd Team at Camp 2

Scott had the job of calling in the dispatch tonight from the May 22nd Denali West Buttress team.  They moved up to Camp 2 at over 11,000 ft today, which is a long day of climbing, but they did great and are now settled in at camp and relaxing for the evening.  Everyone is doing…

Denali May 13th Team at Camp 3

The May 13th Denali team is hanging in there in cold temps at Camp 3.  Today they went over to a spot known as the “Edge Of the World” where they could look out across the Alaska Range and enjoy the vast views.  The prolonged stretch of cold, windy, snowy weather has kept them from…