Carstensz Team in Base Camp

The team flew into basecamp this morning!  Getting to basecamp on Carstensz Pyramid is always a crux of the trip and can be subject to long delays due to logistics or weather, so they are really happy to be on schedule and moving right along so far.  They jumped up to nearly 14,000ft altitude from…


Carstensz Pyramid Team in Bali

The Carstensz Pyramid Expedition team is in Bali at the airport and starting their journey to Timika! It’s a late night/early morning flight from Bali, so they’ll be arriving in Papua early in the morning. Scott called from the airport to check in, all is going smooth and on schedule so far, which is never…


Photos from the June 22 Team

A big thank you to guide Matt Park for the following photos of the June 22 Team.

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Final Report for the June 18 Team

Gustav and Jesse called in the final team report for the June 18 Team. It’s been a whirlwind of activity the past 24 hours: the team descended from High Camp, hiked to Base Camp, flew to Talkeetna and drove back to Anchorage. They are now enjoying a well-deserved cold beverage and sharing a final team…

Rest Day at High Camp for June 22 Team

Today the team rested, hydrated and prepared mentally and physically for another summit attempt. It’s forecasted for the winds to abate, and if so, the team will make another attempt at the summit. Fingers crossed for blue skies and calm wind!

Here’s Ahmad with the team report:

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