Trip Reports

En Route to the Top!

We got a call a couple of hours ago (sorry I was in town away from the computer) that Joerg, Kelly and Eric climbed out of the upper portion of the West Rib and onto the broad summit plateau at about 2:00pm AK time.  This would have put them on the summit an hour or…

Summit bid

After patiently waiting for three days at high camp, Mike feels that conditions are good enough to attempt a summit bid.  They are teamed up with another Mountain Trip team and will travel together throughout the day.  Stay tuned for updates.

Summit attempt

Pi, Zack and Qobin are leaving high camp in a few minutes to see if conditions will permit a summit bid.  They are joined by another Mountain Trip team who have been holding at high camp for a few days, and they all plan to travel together today.  They are going to keep me updated,…

North Peak summit success

The Northwest Buttress team has summitted the north summit of Denali at 19,470′.  They left their high camp at 16,400′ yesterday and finished climbing the last section of the Northwest buttress to the north summit.  They were out of communication but contacted a Mountain Trip team camped at the 17,200′ camp on the West Buttress…

Possible Summit Day!

The team is considering going for the top today, and judging from the Talkeetna Air Taxi webcam, it sure looks like a beauty!  We have three teams poised to summit today, so maybe they’ll have a Mountain Trip party on the summit.  We’ll keep you posted as the day unfolds.