May 21 West Buttress Team “hunkered down” in Camp Two

Climber Alexander Jury called in an update for the May 21 team, settled in at Camp Two at 11,200′, weathering the storm.

Here’s Alexander!


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May 21 Denali Team Moved to 11,000 ft Camp

The May 21 Denali team moved up to the 11,000 ft camp today! The weather started nice, but it sounds like it deteriorated thorough the day and is now snowing and windy. They are all happily settled into their new camp and settling in for a big dinner tonight.

Here’s Chris with the evening update:

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May 19 West Buttress Team moved up to Camp 3!

The May 19 private team moved up to 14,200 ft camp today! They are excited to be there and enjoying a big dinner tonight. The weather has deteriorated and it’s snowing now, but they’re settled in and happy. The schedule for tomorrow starts off with sleeping in and then after a leisurely breakfast, they’ll go…