Ski Team takes a day off

They took a rest/acclimatization day today after a big day yesterday.  Durny called in this afternoon saying all is well, but he’s having a hard time getting any of the other team members to leave a phone dispatch, so it’s him again.

Here’s Durny.

[audio:|titles=Audio Post]
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June 22nd team cached at 16,800 ft

They climbed up to 16,800 ft today and cached some food and gear for their push up to high camp.  It was a cloudy day with a bit of snow, which made for great skiing conditions on the descent.  Tomorrow they’ll take a rest/acclimatization day, which probably means they’ll ski a bit above camp.  It’s…

June 19 team moved to high camp

Kelly called in from high camp after moving up on a reasonably nice day.  They were settling in this evening melting snow for water and making some soup and dinner.  Everyone did great today, and they are excited to be up at 17,200 ft. Click below to listen to Kelly’s call from high camp. [audio:|titles=Audio…