June 28th team having a good time, but stuck due to weather

Here’s Mike with another call from the June 28th team.  It’s nice to hear some different voices sometimes.   It sounds like they are having a good time in spite of their weather difficulties.

[audio:http://mountaintrip.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/audio-post-2011-07-15-03-09-06.mp3|titles=Audio Post]
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Another day of snow at 14,200 ft

They are trying to keep themselves busy up at Camp 3 as they wait for the weather to change so they can move up to high camp.   It was another windy, cloudy, and snowy day up there.  They spent some of the afternoon today in “crevasse rescue school”.   Joe went over several different techniques for…

June 28 team on weather hold

It was another windy day on the upper reaches of Denali today, so the crew is sitting tight at 14,200 ft.   They woke up this morning ready to climb to high camp, but the wind and snow kept them in camp today.   They are all doing great, but they are anxious to get climbing again. …

Weather hold for June 26th team

They woke up to wind and snow again this morning, and weren’t able to try for the top today.  The wind settled down a bit this afternoon around the 17,000 ft level where they are camped, but it continued to blow above them.   Tomorrow they’ll do it all again and hope for a better day.

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Ski team back in Talkeetna!

Our friends at Talkeetna Air Taxi flew into base camp and picked up our crew just a short time ago.  They are all back in Talkeetna now and heading over to the Road House for one of their legendary breakfasts!

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Rest day for June 26 crew

They had a day to rest, recover, and acclimate today at 17,200 ft.   It was snowing for much of the day, so it was a good day to relax.  They are hoping for a nice morning tomorrow for a shot at the summit!

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