Ski team back in Talkeetna!

Our friends at Talkeetna Air Taxi flew into base camp and picked up our crew just a short time ago.  They are all back in Talkeetna now and heading over to the Road House for one of their legendary breakfasts!

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Rest day for June 26 crew

They had a day to rest, recover, and acclimate today at 17,200 ft.   It was snowing for much of the day, so it was a good day to relax.  They are hoping for a nice morning tomorrow for a shot at the summit!

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June 28 team at Camp 3

They had a bit of snow today, but they were able to carry loads of food and fuel up to the ridge at 16,400 ft today.  This is often a pretty difficult and physical day and everybody did really well.   They are set up now to move up to high camp after a recovery day…

Ski Team at 7,800 ft

Durny called in from 7,800 ft tonight where they are waiting for a good freeze so they can head down to base camp.  They still hope to be able to move tonight after it cools off.

Here’s Durny.

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June 28th team at 14,200 ft

llIt was a day of recovery and acclimatization for the June 28 team at camp 3 today.  They relaxed, slept in, ate we, and practiced for going up the fixed ropes tomorrow.  It sounds like they are having a good time up there, and excited to carry a load of food and fuel up to…

June 26 team up to high camp 17,200 ft

They had a big day today, moving up 3,000 ft of some of the most challenging terrain on the route.  They did great, but are tired tonight and looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

Here’s Tyler from the June 26 team.

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