June 10 Team at Base Camp

Unfortunately today’s report was cut short due to the vagaries of satellite phone use in the mountains. However, guide Tyler Weller was able to communicate that the team made it to Base Camp, safe and sound.


Here’s Tyler:


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May 24 Team in Talkeetna

The team is back in town! After a looooong descent from High Camp, the team hopped on a plane at Base Camp and headed to the oxygen laden air in Talkeetna. David reports that the team is doing well, if a bit sore in the toes from the long descent. Again, well done, team! Here’s…

June 4 team Caches at Windy Corner 13,700′

It was a beautiful, calm day on the mountain and the team moved a load of equipment and supplies to a cache site at 13,700′. The team departed camp and immediately began ascending Motorcycle Hill, then Squirrel Hill, before reaching Windy Corner. Thankfully it was a calm day, and Windy Corner did not live up…