Vinson Team at Camp 1

The team moved up to Camp 1 or “Low Camp” today and they are doing great.  It’s a bit cold, as is to be expected in Antarctica, but the weather has been pretty nice, and they are taking advantage of the sunshine.

Joe had the honors of calling in for the team dispatch tonight:


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Vinson Base Camp

The Mountain Trip Vinson Team flew down to the Union Glacier base in Antarctica yesterday in the big Russian jet, and then continued on in a smaller ski plane to Vinson Base Camp.  They settled in and spent the day making preparations to head on up to Camp 1 tomorrow.  We’re pretty proud of our…

Aconcagua team at Camp 2

J.Y. and Jacob are waiting out the weather at Camp 2 again today.  Yesterday and last night were quite windy, but it has eased up a bit today and allowed them to et out of camp for an acclimatization hike.   They plan to move up to high camp tomorrow! Listen to the call from Camp…


Jacob called in today to report that they are hunkered down at Camp 2. Blowing snow and high winds prevented the team from moving up, but they are doing well and resting.  We’ll hear more from the team tomorrow.


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Team J.Y. battled a stiff wind today, but they persevered and they are now resting safe and sound in Camp 2. J. Y. reports that today’s ascent was a fairly rough go, but he is feeling well and doing well and staying focused on the goal. The team can view the summit from Camp 2,…


Mountain Trip guide extraordinaire Jacob Schmitz called in a team update today. The team climbed up to Camp 2 at 18,000 feet to cache some equipment and supplies. Jacob reported that it was a bit windy today, but regardless he and J.Y. did very well and felt good, making the round trip in approximately 6…