Guide Joe Butler called this afternoon to report that the team is back at Vinson Base Camp. They plan to have a relaxing evening, resting and hydrating. If the weather cooperates the team will fly back to Union Glacier tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good weather!

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Vinson Team at High Camp

The team moved up to high camp yesterday, ascending over 3000 ft and the steepest terrain of the climb.  It was a big day of climbing, but they did well and enjoyed a well earned rest day today.   The weather has been good, everyone is rested, and they hope to get a chance to summit…

Happy New Year from Antarctica!

Joe Butler called in a nice New Year’s post from low camp on Mount Vinson.  They took a rest day today, after making the move up the Branscomb Glacier to their current camp, at about 10,000′.  Today was spent resting, acclimatizing and reviewing skills that they will use when they ascend the steepest part of…