MY 27 team: backcarry from camp 2

Chris Kerrick called yesterday, the team made a trip down to the main flow of the Kahiltna Glacier to pick up their cache of gear and food.  Everyone is happy, fit and excited and ready to move higher.

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Meet the June 3 Team!

This morning, a group of climbers from around the globe are meeting three guides from Mountain Trip to take the next step in their journey of molding themselves into a team, which will help give them the best possible chance of standing in the summit of North America in just a couple of weeks. Today…

Traverse Team – Another day at 14,200′

The team checks in from 14,200′.  They spent the day at camp today and are hoping to move high tomorrow.


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J.Y. and Suzanne – At 11,200′

Suzanne called in with a very nice message to everyone back home from the beautiful camp at 11,200′ (3415m).  They are having a great time and doing well.  Tomorrow, the plan is to carry some gear up and around Windy Corner, a prominent, steep ridge that drops off the West Buttress and is an iconic…

May 27 Team – Camped at 11,200′

Matthew Barela called in from 11,200′ to give a report and a special birthday greeting!


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May 20 Team – At 14,200′!

The May 20 Team called in a very garbled audio recording, which I’m not even going to post, because you could only understand about three words in the entire message.  At these far northern latitudes, the satellites pass far to the south, and we frequently lose connections. The team is at 14,200′ (4328m) and doing…

May 27 team: carry to 10k

Our guide Adam Smith called in yesterday evening, to report a successful carry to 10k on the Kahiltna Glacier.  Today, if conditions permit, they will travel up past their cache to 11,200′ and establish a camp there.

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