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May 11 Hvitserk Team

My Norwegian is about as good as my Dutch, which means almost non-existent.  We have climbers from many countries on Denali at the moment, and I am guessing that this post is from our Norwegian team.  If I am wrong, please let me know!  Thanks!! The team is at 14,200′ and today they back carried…

May 20 Denali – Base Camp call

Joe Butler called in a post that was unfortunately cut off a bit short.  Satellite transmissions from such a northern latitude can be tricky… The team spent today reviewing skills at Base Camp.  They finished rigging their packs and sleds for the journey up the Kahiltna Glacier, which will start in the wee hours of…


Here’s a couple photos of the team on the way to the Kahiltna glacier yesterday.

Joes group Joes group2

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May 6 Team – Rest Day at 14,200′

Robert Lentz called in a nice update from the basin camp at 14,200′.  The team took a planned rest and acclimatization day today, after carrying gear and supplies up to 16,400′ yesterday. This camp’s elevation is very important for climbers, as it is high enough to help build acclimatization, but not so high as to…


It was a blustery day but the May 13 team punched through it and they were able to cache a load of equipment and supplies around Windy Corner. Durny reports that aptly named Windy Corner lived up to it’s name, but all the climbers moved well and are feeling good. The plan is to move…