Lucky Lindy Team – SUMMIT!

The Lucky Lindy team reached the summit of Denali this evening! It sounds like a cold, but clear day, but we don’t have many details.  We will post an update when we know more about their day.  They are headed down to high camp, and have passed the area known as the Football Field.  They…

May 20th team enjoying a nice afternoon

Eric called in this afternoon from our May 20th team.   Yesterday they moved up to Camp 1 at 7,800 ft and this morning they continued up to 9,600 ft.   They are doing great and sounds like they are enjoying themselves as well.

Listen to Eric’s call.


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May 6 team: more details

2nd guide Ian Nicholson called and filled me in on some details:   The guests that summited yesterday were Strah, Melissa and Jason.  The team is currently at 14 camp and planning to descend to 11k tonight, and make their way to basecamp tomorrow.

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Matt calls from May 13th Denali Team

The team carried a load of supplies up to 16,200 ft today and cached it in preparation for their move to high camp on Friday (weather permitting as always).    Sounds like they are doing good and looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

Listen to the call.


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April 29 Team – Trip Recap

Well, we’re all back in the comfort of our homes after spending 17 days in the Alaska Range.  We had some great weather down low on the mountain and got pretty beaten up by high winds at the 14,200′ camp.  We made a foray up to 16,200′ to make a cache, and then dropped back…