Guide Jacob Schmitz called in to give the report on the team’s progress. In a nutshell, the team continued their hike up the Vacas Valley to camp at Casa Piedra, or “stone house.”  Tomorrow they will take a big westerly turn and continue up the Relinchos Valley. Everyone is doing well and the team sends…


2013 Elbrus Climb Wrap-up

Hello and thank you for following the 2013 Mountain Trip Mount Elbrus expedition. Earlier today we all drove from Azau to Min Vody for our flights to Moscow, with the exception of Jung Mi and Masako, who flew on to St Petersburg. I’m looking forward to spending one or two more days in Russia exploring…


Elbrus Photo from the Barrels Huts

The team is all back down in the Baksan Valley, and Jacob was able to send us the photo below, during a brief bit of internet functionality.  They will fly to Moscow tomorrow and continue on their journeys home in the coming days.

Great job everyone!!

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Elbrus Summit!!!

The team had a beautiful day as they climbed to the highest point in Europe!  After patiently waiting for good weather, the entire team departed the Barrels Huts in the wee hours of the morning and climbed up to the summit of Elbrus, at 18,510 feet above the sea. Everyone did great and they are…