June 15th Team Update

The June 15th team had an interesting day on Denali, and they are spread out in a couple of different camps as Suzanne is descending with a cold injury on one hand accompanied by Beau and teamed up with another Mountain Trip team.  Cason joined yet a different Mountain Trip team with just one other…


June 24th Team moved to High Camp

Viviane called in from the June 24th Team from High Camp at 17,200 ft this evening.  They woke to much nicer weather than was forecast, and made the climb up another 3000 ft to high camp.  They could go to the summit as early as tomorrow if the weather cooperates.


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Denali June 23 Team – Moving On Up!

Sargent First Class Keith Kimball called in from 11,200′ on the west side of Denali.  The team’s progress was hampered somewhat by a storm that sat on them for a few days, dumping snow.  They are planning to move on up to 14,200′ tomorrow and establish themselves in a big basin, which is often recognized…

Team moved up to High Camp

The team moved up to high camp today!  It’s been a bit of a wait, and the weather still isn’t great, but they were able to move up to high camp today.   Suzanne was forced to turn around due to some frostbite developing on her hand, which was only bound to get worse if she…