Rest Day for June 18 Team

Both the June 18 Team and the June 15 Team took a well-deserved rest day at 14 Camp. Rest days are an important part of the climbing schedule because they allow climbers to recover, hydrate, and relax after many days of strenuous work. They were not totally idle, however, and the guide teams set up…


June 22 Team Backcarries

Lead Guide Bill called in the team report today. It sounds like it was a “perfect” weather day for the team to make the short descent to their cache site, retrieve their cache, and then return to 11 Camp. Everyone is doing well, having fun, and enjoying the Alaska sunshine. The plan is to place…


SUMMIT! June 11 Team

Congratulations to the June 11th Team for reaching the summit of Denali! It was hard work and the team endured through difficult weather conditions, but they kept their pace and made good decisions and today Julian and Kristin stood on the summit. It sounds like they had the summit to themselves—awesome. We’ll post more information…


June 15 Team Retrieves Cache

The team make a quick descent to the cache site, dug up their gear from the cache, then climbed back up to 14 Camp today. It’s a fairly short distance between camp and the cache and team members had time to nap, play games, and generally relax after they returned to camp. Here’s Nick with…


June 11 Team at High Camp 17,200′

It was a cold, windy day on the upper mountain but the team was able to move to High Camp at 17,200′. They retraced their steps up the Headwall, made their way carefully along the beautiful ridgeline above the Genet basin, passed their cache site, and arrived at High Camp. It’s definitely some of the…


June 22 Team at Camp 2, 11200′

The team made the quick jump from 10,000′ to Camp 2 at 11,200′ today. It sounds like the team is moving well and enjoying the relatively stable weather. The plan is to cache a load of equipment and supplies tomorrow, weather permitting.


Here’s Ahmad with today’s report:

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