Ecuador Volcanoes Expedition

Alillachu kapangui jintikuna! Quechua for “Howdy friends!” Ecuador is a wonderful country to visit, with a rich cultural history and diversity.  The geography is stunning and very complex for such a small country.  Beautiful beaches are lapped by waves to the west, with two chains of 400-600m peaks rising just a short distance from the…


Welcome To Punta Arenas, Chile!!

The team has all arrived, along with all of their bags!  This is an auspicious start for what we hope will be an exciting adventure!

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Carstensz Team is Back in Nabire

Scott called in a very happy post from the warmth of Nabire!  This was Scott’s 7th ascent of the peak (and his 7th rotation of the SEVEN SUMMITS!), and his excitement about our new access to the mountain comes through in his post. Reliable access to Carstensz has been the proverbial Holy Grail for climbers…


Our Carstensz Pyramid team reached the summit of the most elusive of the famed Seven Summits! The route to the summit is a combination of rock climbing and exposed scrambling, with some higher forms of roped trickery required along the way.  From the team’s camp in the Yellow Valley, right at the base of the…