April 29: skill building at basecamp

Sean called in from base camp this evening to let us know that they are doing great.  They spent the first day getting organized and practicing some mountaineering skills before heading up the mighty Kahiltna glacier towards camp 1 tomorrow.

Click the link below to listen to his call.


Spot GPS tracking.


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Relaxing at Camp 2

Yesterday the team all moved up to Camp 2 here. A tough hike up in high winds yesterday. Winds were gusting to 25-30 knots, but today things have calmed down considerably. Were doing well, just moving around slowly as we readjust to the altitude. Its becoming a bit of an unusual season.  Almost the entire…

April 22 team: moved to camp 3

Guide Yoshiko Miyazaki called this evening from their newly completed camp at 14,200′.  They had yet another long day moving from camp 2 to camp 3, having spent 8 hours and 50 minutes making the path and routefinding through crevasse fields, but they all report being happy, but tired and ready for bed.  Tomorrow may…

April 29 team: in basecamp

A layer of clouds in the Alaska Range didn’t keep the April 29 team from flying into basecamp- the team arrived at 7,100′ and set up camp for the first time, ate their first expedition meal and crawled into their sleeping bags.  Lead guide’s call into the Mountain Trip office was cut off, as so…

Carry to 13,500′

Lead guide Mike Burmesiter called last night to report his team returning to camp 2 after an 8 1/2 hour round trip to cache gear above windy corner.  They broke trail again to 13,500′ but Mike was happy with the strength and motivation of his expedition.  Today they plan to pack up camp, travel the…

Enjoying Base Camp

Hello from Everest Base Camp! Today the 28th we are enjoying a beautiful clear morning. We can see up the Khumbu ice fall and the impressive Cholatse and Tabouche peaks in the distance. The last few days we have been taking advantage of our well deserved rest days after our first rotation to camp 2.…

April 22 team checks in

recording  Here’s the latest from the team at camp 2.

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Everest Base Camp

A call from Everest Base Camp, and a hearty Thanks to our Sherpa crew!  We’ve been working with these guys for several years now, and they are the best.


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