May 8 Team – Group Bonding & Snow Construction!

The May 8 team certainly has a great sense of humor and you can hear how much fun they are having together, already! Even when the snow and wind have kept them cozy at the camp the team is staying engaged while getting to know each other’s strengths! This is such an asset for higher up on the mountain and we love to hear it.

Climber Daniel lists out everyone’s strengths in the audio so definitely give it a listen. What does he bring to the table? Managing foreign relations! As funny as it may sound on a mountain expedition if you’ve ever been to Denali you know it is an extremely international place – the team is lucky to have you, Daniel!

Other talents include our guides Aaron and Chris crushing the details and multitasking. Climber Pat we hear is a master with a snow shovel and saw building the best toilets you’ve ever seen. Great to hear from these folks, stay tuned for their next moves.


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  1. It is always great to hear you guys and to know that you are enjoying your time on Denali so far.
    Unfortunately the recording cut out a bit early and we couldn’t hear Daniel’s description of himself 😄

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