December 23rd Team Breaking down camp and headed to Plaza de Mulas

This morning we have an ecstatic report from the December 23rd team. They are busy breaking down camp in preparation for the 6,000 ft descent to Plaza de Mulas, where they will find a hot meal and some much deserved rest.  Good work, guys!

Here’s  a report from each member of the team:


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Aconcagua Team at High Camp

Joe called in from High Camp on Aconcagua this afternoon.  They made the relatively short move up to camp this morning and are now eating and resting in preparation for heading for the summit early tomorrow morning.   They are all doing well up at high camp at over 19,000 ft and the forecast is looking…

Vinson Team – Back at Union Glacier

John and Sebastian flew back to the bustling Union Glacier camp yesterday afternoon.  They will spend part of today organizing their things for their flight back to Punta Arenas, but are also planning to sneak in some exploratory climbing in the peaks outside of camp.  Their flight back to Chile is not scheduled until the…

Vinson Team is headed to BC

Sebastian called earlier from Low Camp.  He and John had considered attempting Mount Shinn, the prominent peak to the north of Mt Vinson, but the weather seems to be changing and they decided to head back to Base Camp.  It sounds like they had a great time up the upper mountain, and sort of surprised…

Vinson Team – Back in BC

John and Sebastian called in a report from Vinson Base Camp after the long climb and hike down from High Camp.  They are in great spirits and are hoping to fly out to Union Glacier tomorrow afternoon.  The satellite phone lost signal before we could hear John’s third “thing” that he was going to report,…

Mt Vinson Team – Back at High Camp!

Sebastian called and the team is back at high camp, after their successful summit of Mount Vinson.  The guys will sleep well tonight and make their way back down to base camp tomorrow.



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