May 27 team arrived in Base Camp

They’ve had quite a journey, and more than their share of bad weather, but they are all safely down to base camp and expect to be flying out to Talkeetna in the next hour or two.  Great effort, bad luck.

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Camp 1

We received a call from the team from Camp 1 this evening.  The weather wasn’t great, but they were able to move up the glacier about 5 miles up to Camp 1 at 7,800 ft.   It’s not a lot of vertical gain, but the loads were big and they covered some ground today.  There were…

Snowy Day at 11k

It was a snowy, stormy day on Denali today so the team got a day of rest.   They ate a big breakfast and spent the day relaxing a bit, ready to go tomorrow.   The weather forecast called for light winds and partly cloudy, so it just goes to show you how worthless the forecast can…

More tough weather on the way down

The team is heading down the mountain, but the weather continues to challenge them.   It’s been a windy and snowy couple of days and they spent today just above windy corner waiting for the winds to calm so they could continue their descent to base camp.  The weather forecast has continued to call for partly…

Team Duncan at Camp 2

The team battled a bit of wind and snow today, but were able to get the job done today.  They slept in a bit this morning and had a relaxing start to this relatively short day.  The job was to go back down to the cache that they left at about 10,000 ft a couple…

Warfighter Team at 11,000ft

The team had a day at camp to practice with their crampons and ice axes, which they’ll need further up the hill.   A team of guides carried a load of gear up around “Windy Corner” today in preparation for moving up tomorrow.

Here’s Gabi calling in this evening from 11,200 ft.


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June 15 Team at Base Camp

The expedition begins and everyone is at base camp tonight.  It was a beautiful day in the Alaska Range, and they flew into base camp on schedule this afternoon.  They settled in, put up their tents, and got ready for to head up the glacier early tomorrow. Here’s Sebastian with the call from base camp…

Happy Birthday Duncan!

It’s Duncan’s birthday, and they celebrated by getting up really early, shouldering big packs, and climbing up over 3,000 ft to move up to Camp 2.   It went well, and they once again made good time and were able to set camp and get a bit of a nap.   They celebrated Duncan’s birthday with a…