Unfortunately the team dispatch is too garbled to understand, but we know that the team moved to 14 Camp yesterday and everyone is safe and sound.

Here is the mystery caller:


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Team Jaahnavi Update from Fischer

Fischer Hazen called in on behalf of Team Jaahnavi.  The team had a really tough go of it, moving up to High Camp at 17,200′ yesterday.  Conditions were very difficult and they made it to camp ahead of a lightning storm.  Today, they rested at camp and discussed their options. Given the conditions of the…

June 16 Denali Team moves to High Camp

Mountain Trip guide Robert “Durney” Durnell called in with an update on the June 16 West Buttress Expedition, who have moved to High Camp on Denali! Since the steep, exposed section of the route on the Headwall requires crampons instead of snowshoes, so the team had to break trail in waist to chest deep snow.…

June 24 Denali Team descending to Base Camp

Mountain Trip guide Pablo Parunjacas called in with an update on the June 24 Denali West Buttress Team, who made the decision to turn around below the fixed lines up to High Camp. The team was plagued throughout their ascent by snowy conditions and low visibility, which makes movement on the route much harder than…