Denali – Map of the Upper Mountain

Here are some images that might help you all have a btter sense of the terrain that your friends and family are traveling through.

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Lucky Lindy: Backcarry at 14,200′

The Lucky Lindy expedition traveled down the glacier to retrieve their cache of food at 13,500′.

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May 13 team: backcarry

John called in to report a mellow day at 14,200′: the team moved down the glacier to their cache at 13,600′ and carried the load back to camp 3.

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Tyler Team: Rest day at 14,200′

The Tyler expedition took an active rest day today, to get one more day of acclimatization before attempting to move to high camp.

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May 6 team: a summit attempt

Lead guide Nick Shepherd called in today at 6:30pm to report being just below Pig Hill.  The team, consisting of Nick, Dallas, Angela and Joe; they were all continuing up for the final leg of the ascent: Pig Hill, the summit ridge, and the summit itself.

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May 20 team: fly to basecamp

Lead guide Eric Larson and the entire expedition flew onto the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier today.

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Traverse team: carry to 10,000′


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May 20 Team – Meet the Team!

Our May 20th team met in Anchorage yesterday and is currently in Talkeetna, preparing to fly to the glacier! This diverse crew has gathered together from around the world to join us on one of our Highly Supported Denali climbs.  This is a somewhat different sort of expedition, in that we will staff it at…

Jacob calls in from Camp 2 Everest

Jacob called in this evening from Camp 2!  The team moved up from Base Camp today very early and it sounds like they are all moving great on their summit push.  The weather forecasts are all looking really good for their May 25th summit attempt and everything is in place.   They’ll take a rest day…