Heading to the Summit

Duncan and Jacob are finishing up their breakfast and coffee in the still dark early morning, and will be leaving for the summit under the stars in a few minutes.   It looks to be a great day and we hope to hear from them from the top later today.


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Unfortunately today’s report is garbled, but we are able to catch a good portion of Todd’s commentary. The team had a windy night last night, tents shaking and not much sleep,  and they woke up to more of the same this morning. Todd, the eternal optimist, rallied the troops and they carried equipment and food…


Mike called an update on the team’s progress today. The climbers ascended approximately 2,000 feet from Base Camp to Camp 1 in 4 hours. It sounds like it got a bit windy as they approached the col just before Camp 1, but they are in camp, safe and sound.

Here’s Mike:


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Heading to Camp 1

The guys are heading up the hill to Camp 1 at about 16,500 ft this morning.   Todd called in a dispatch from base camp before heading out.   It’s getting a bit windy, but that’s to be expected on Aconcagua, and they plan to spend a few days at Camp 1 acclimatizing and waiting for winds…

Windy Day at Camp 2

Duncan called in from a windy camp 2 today.  It is a planned rest day, but they wouldn’t have been climbing up any higher today either way due to the winds.   It is forecasted to be quite windy for a few days, so they are prepared to sit it out and wait for better weather…