June 24 Team – Meet the Team!

Denali is a mountain that draws the attention of climbers from around the world.  We love sharing the Alaska Range with international climbers who have traveled great distances to challenge themselves on the icy flanks of North America’s highest peak.  At 20,230 feet (6194m), Denali rises a full 18,000′ (5500m) above the surrounding landscape.  It’s…


June 10 Williams Team is on the summit!

Gary Falk called in from the top of North America! He and Roger Gregory climbed the last three thousand feet from High Camp to the summit of Denali today. They had amazingly warm temperatures and found themselves actually looking down onto thunderstorms in the valleys below. Congratulations guys! You worked very, very hard and earned…


June 7 Team – Back at High Camp

The team arrived back at High Camp at around 22:00 Alaska Time. They had a big day and worked super hard to reach the summit and return to camp.

Great job to all the climbers!!

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