December 4th Vinson Team Holding at Vinson Base Camp

Jacob reports that the team is safe and sound and still at Vinson Base Camp. The weather has moved in, and flights to/from Base Camp are not possible at this time. We will keep you posted as soon as we have any further updates.

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Unfortunately Jack’s trip report was cut off due to the challenges of satellite phone communication, but all is well and he and Fermin are making their way back to “civilization.” Here’s Jack: Here are some images Fermin sent from the days moving up to High Camp and a couple from the descent down to Plaza…


All three climbers contributed to the trip report today. It sounds like everyone is doing well, but they are anxious for the weather to clear in order to continue climbing. Fingers crossed!

Vinson High Camp

Here’s Joao and Francisca:


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Aconcagua Team in Base Camp

Fermin called in this evening from the Plaza de Mulas base camp on Aconcagua.  The team descended today after some pretty rough weather at high camp and never had a good opportunity to summit.  We’ll get some more details from the climbers tomorrow after they’ve had a night to rest in the relative comfort of…

Mount Vinson Expedition at Camp 1

The Mount Vinson Expedition moved up to Camp 1 yesterday!  The weather in Antarctica has improved after a stormy week and our team is taking advantage of their good luck and are moving right up the mountain.  They’ll take a rest day tomorrow, and then move up to Camp 2 (high camp) as early as…