Trip Reports

June 17th Team On The Way Down

The weather remained un cooperative up high on Denali over the last few days, and with a continued forecast of high winds the team made the decision to descend late yesterday.  They spent last night at Camp 3 at 14,000 ft and plan to continue their descent towards base camp after breakfast this morning. Cason…

June 24th Team Checking In

Today was beautiful up on Denali and the team had a nice mostly relaxing day.  They had a leisurely breakfast and then went down the hill to 13,500 ft where they’d left a cache a few days earlier.   They picked up the cache of food and fuel and carried back up to camp at 14,200…

June 15th Team Heading Down

The weather improved a bit this afternoon and the team was able to start their descent from high camp after a delay.  They are at Camp 3 (14,200 ft) for the evening and intend to continue their descent early in the morning and hope to be in base camp in just another day or so.