May 7 Private Team – Rest & Recovery at Camp 2

Across the board teams at Camp 1 7800 ft (2378 m) and Camp 2 11,000 ft (3353 m) have been subject to whiteout conditions, snow, and wind. Our May 7 Private Team climber Graeme called in after spending the day happily tent bound since the team was unable to continue climbing. Guides Jesse & Patrick descended back to their cache site marked with wands, shovels, and snow saws.

The cache holds extra fuel, food, and supplies which is a welcome drop of weight on the way up. Current conditions are a textbook example of why it is essential to haul as much gear as we do on the West Buttress because weather holds like this require extra supplies.

Graeme reports that he benefited from the R&R and that the team continues to eat and drink well while they continue to wait for a weather window that will allow them to move up the route. Tap below to hear the audio recording & keep your fingers crossed for clear skies ahead for our team!


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