Trip Reports

June 18 Team on the Glacier!

It was a busy day in Talkeetna and at Base Camp. Many teams we waiting to either fly in or fly out, and when the weather cleared yesterday there were a lot of comings and goings. The June 18 Team had a brief delay in Talkeetna, then flew in late in day. When they arrived…

June 15 Team on the Glacier!

The report tonight is a bit garbled, but it’s still possible to understand that the team made it to Base Camp! I’ll bet everyone is excited to be there and ready to get going. The team set up camp, reviewed glacier travel skills, and rested before heading out early tomorrow for Camp 1.   recording

June 4 Team Holding at 14 Camp

The team is hanging tough at 14 Camp. They will be monitoring the weather closely over the next few days, and making plans accordingly. The team still has plenty of supplies and their will is still strong to keep ascending, and at this point it’s a matter of acceptable weather conditions. Fingers crossed! Here’s Jorn…