Rest day yesterday

Eric Larson’s expedition took a rest day at high camp yesterday, and reported a change of plans.  The expedition is now attempting to climb the upper West Rib, which means they can leave from 14k camp on the West Buttress instead of descending to the Northeast Fork and starting the route from there.  This means…


At high camp!

Jared called in yesterday to report that the group had moved up to their high camp at 16,400′.  This means that they can possibly attempt the north summit today if weather is favorable.

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Holding at high camp

Mike reports that the weather continues to mandate staying in camp.  They got prepared to leave yesterday morning before the guide team decided that conditions weren’t favorable enough for a summit attempt.  Let’s all hope for better weather for this team, they have put in a good amount of days at high camp.

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Carried to Kahiltna Pass

The team moved strong from 7,800’camp to Kahiltna Pass to leave a cache of gear.  Lead guide Chris Kerrick was impressed with the strength of the team, reporting that they had made the best carry of any of his 18 Denali expeditions.  The mood sounds optimistic and the weather is seeming to cooperate, so if…

Backcarry to 13,500′

Zach reports that all is going great and the team is adjusting readily to the higher altitude.  They backcarried to 13,500′ yesterday to have all their supplies in camp, and today may be the day the team moves up the fixed lines to carry their gear to the last cache they will make at 16,200′…

Ariel checks in from 14k

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Jules Hanna checks in from 11k

[audio:|titles=Audio Post]

This post is a little garbled; 11 camp is notorious for making communication difficult.  It sounds as if everything is going well, they cached around Windy Corner yesterday.

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Chris Checks in From High Camp

Chris called in tonight’s post from high camp.  They did not go for the summit today, as high winds prevented an attempt.  The post is a bit garbled, due to the challenges of calling via satellite phone from such norther latitudes, but most of his message is clear.  I had to chuckle at his “Groundhog…

An Update From/ Une Mise à Jour de/ Eine Aktualisierung Davon Joerg

Joerg called in tonight’s update in English, French and German (show off!!) J’ai oubliez mi francais, but I hope he is providing similar reports…!  I think “pizza” must be the same in all three languages!

Here is/ Voici/ Hier ist Joerg:

[audio:|titles=Audio Post]
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