May 27 Final Blog

From the comfortable confines of the Mountain Trip house in Anchorage I would like to, once again, thank Arthur, Diarmuid, David, George, Kari, Peter and Roman for climbing with us on Denali.  We were all tested by the mountain and I believe that we came away with a respectful experience in the Alaska Range. Our…


Wounded Warriors: Ben Adkison reports


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A Beautiful Day on the Summit!

The whole team is on the summit this evening and it’s a perfect day.  There is just a breath of wind, and blue skies and the entire team is on top of Denali.  Congratulations to all the climbers.

Listen to Peter call in from the top of North America!


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June 15 Team Checking In

The team carried a load of equipment up to 10,000 ft today and cached it in preparation for moving up tomorrow.  Sounds like they are doing great and having a good time.

Listen to the call, we hear from almost everyone.


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Another day at 11k

Jesse called in with the evening update from Denali.  They spent another day at the 11,000 ft camp today to let the new snow settle a bit before moving up the hill.  They got a chance to practice again with their crampons and plan to head on up tomorrow.  The weather has finally broken and…

June 17th West Buttress Expedition

Welcome to the expedition dispatches for Mountain Trip’s June 17th West Buttress Expedition.  We’ll be following the progress of the climbers on their 2-3 week journey up the West Buttress of Denali.   We’ll typically post dispatches every day and often we’ll embed a recording of the phone call from the team on the mountain.   There…