Denali General Update

As we have tried to stress in our previous posts, satellite calls from Denali are not a sure thing, and this season it seems as if satellite connections are more temperamental than ever, so teams cannot always call in an audio post.  We do have updates on all of our teams, and want to keep…


Move to High Camp

The winds stopped blowing and the climbers who’ve been pent up at Camp 3 burst onto the upper mountain today.   They started up the hill early this morning heading for high camp, and Priya turned around at some point with one of her guides and is back at Camp 3 tonight.  Greg is at high…


May 30 Team waiting out the winds

Alan called in for the evening dispatch from the May 30 Denali team.  It’s been windy up at high camp and the team is waiting for the weather to settle down a bit before moving up and pushing for the summit.

Here’s Alan.


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