May 12: backcarry at 14k

Word came through the Mountain Trip grapevine: the May 12 group traveled a short distance down the glacier to pick up their gear at 14 camp.  Weather has been hitting the entire mountain today, but at least at 14 camp the afternoon turned relatively balmy and the team took advantage of the day to acclimatize…


West Rib team at Camp 1

Lead guide Con Severis reported a 4-hour move from basecamp to camp 1 today.  The weather was not quite cooperating but the team persevered in excellent time despite heavy loads, a stiff headwind and blowing snow.  If the weather cooperates they will move up the Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna glacier tomorrow to cache food…

West Rib team at basecamp!

The West Rib team made it onto the Kahiltna Glacier today, and plan to spend the night and move to camp 1 tomorrow.  All other Mountain Trip groups on the mountain report the Kahiltna Glacier is in excellent condition so far this year, so let’s wish the team a great first day and smooth travels…

UAE saying hello from camp 1


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May 12 team moved to 14 camp, says hello


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May 8 team rests at 14 camp


Satellite phones are an amazing technology but often lead to dropped calls.  Keep in mind they are speaking through outer space!  Sounds like they rested today getting ready for a big day tomorrow, moving to high camp if the weather permits it.

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Yesterday a team of climbers from around the world met in Anchorage to begin an epic journey. The climbers have spend many months training, collecting the appropriate gear, and dreaming about their upcoming adventure. It was a busy day in Anchorage, starting with a team meeting and equipment check at the Millennium Alaskan Hotel. The…


We are really happy to help a team of climbers from the UAE on a quest to climb the 7 summits. The team arrived in Anchorage on May 19th, sorted a huge pile of gear, and headed to Talkeetna yesterday. The weather was favorable and the team flew to the Kahiltna glacier at 3 PM.…