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Hello from Everest Base Camp! Most all the team is now in Base Camp. Beautiful day trekking up from Loboche today. Chuck is staying on a couple days down in Dingboche to recover a little more before heading back up. All our Sherpas are down now also after an amazing amount of work getting 2…


May 6 Team – at Camp 1

Nick called in with an audio post, but I suspect that the satellites passed out of view before he could finish his call…  It’s way to early in the trip for high altitude babbling… I was able to speak with him over three attempts on the satellite phone and they spent the day at camp…


May 6 Team – At Camp 1

Nick called in from Camp 1 at 7,800′ on the Kahiltna Glacier last night.  The team moved up glacier in really great conditions.  Nick described the Kahiltna as being in the best shape he’s seen in his seven years guiding on Denali. Everyone did really well and they are planning to carry supplies up to…


April 29th Team at Camp 3

Here’s the evening call from the April 29th team at 14,200 ft.   Sounds like they are doing great!   Click the link below to listen to the call.



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