Vinson Team Photo

Our Vinson Team met today for their final gear checks and briefing before flying to Antarctica.   It is always an exciting anxious time, each climber checking their lists one last time and guides going through every piece of gear to be certain everyone is prepared for the expedition.   It was made a bit more challenging…


Aconcagua SUMMIT!

David Bailey and Lawrence Cutler just called in from the summit of South America!  The two climbers, with out guides Christian Kerrick and Fermin Avila are standing on top at this moment. They had a beautiful day to climb, following some incredibly high winds earlier in the week.  The team was patient and deliberate, which…


Nov 28 Aconcagua- hike to 20K and border disputes

It sounds like they’re having what can only be described as a darn good time…
Here is Chris and David, calling in from 18,000 feet on Aconcagua:
Nov 28 Acon Chris and David from 18K

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