Happy Birthday Kristen! from 14,200′ on Denali

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Safely back in camp

Kerrick called to report a successful and safe descent from the summit of Denali.  The entire team is in their sleeping bags waiting for the first round of hot drinks, I could hear the sounds of the stoves melting snow into water in the background.  Congratulations team, have a good night’s rest.

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May 29 team from 14k

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May 29 team- backcarry from 14,200′

Robert Durnell’s team has called in from 14,200′ camp to report that the team had successfully backcarried their gear from 13,500′ to camp today, which means they are poised to carry most of that same gear and food up the fixed lines to 16,400′.  They spent the afternoon today practicing a few technical skills that…

A call from the summit!

We received a call from Kerrick’s team at 5:22pm, and they were on the summit of Denali!  All sounded well from the traverse team, and I’ll update when I hear more.

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May 24 traverse team

The traverse expedition rested at their high camp on the Harper glacier yesterday, preparing for a summit attempt.  The weather was marginal yesterday morning but improved steadily as the day went on.  If today’s weather is favorable they may go have a look at the south summit.

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May 31 team- carry to 13,500′

The expedition moved up Motorcycle Hill, across the Polo Fields at the base of the Washburn face and around Windy Corner to cache a load of gear at 13,500′ yesterday.

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June 12 West Buttress Expedition

Hello and welcome to the expedition blog for our June 12th Team.  The team will assemble beginning on June 12th in Anchorage for a gear check, team meeting, and make any last purchases that are necessary.  The following day they will drive up to the sleepy little town of Talkeetna, where they will be given…