Moving to the South Col!

Hi All, here is a quick update: our team is moving up to Camp 4 today. Summit teams are reporting very cold and windy conditions up higher, but below the South Col conditions are good. The forecast is looking very good and anticipate a summit go on the 21st, later tonight Nepal time. Manoj is…


May 3 Forbes Team – Chillin’ at 14,200′

Brian called in a very nice and descriptive post about the conditions the team has been dealing with of late.  Cold and wind!!!


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Up in Camp 3!

Good news today! Manoj and our Sherpas are in Camp 3 at close to 24,000 ft. Everything is going well! The team is enjoying great weather, a good forecast and their plans are set for a move on up to the South Col tomorrow. 60 some people summitted today in good conditions, making it the…