Another Update from the June 4 Team

We’ve received another update from the June 4th team, safe and back at camp. We’ll be cheering on the team!


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West Rib Team Camps at 9600′

Lead guide Fischer reports blue skies, calm winds, and firm ice—a perfect combination of conditions for moving up the glacier. It sounds like all is well and everyone is enjoying the lower glacier. The plan is to move to 11 Camp, tomorrow.

may 11 denali at 9400

Here’s Fischer:


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June 4th Team – Update

We received word that the June 4th team turned back during their summit bid today.  They made a hard push for the summit, but the weather was not in their favor and the decision was made to drop back to High Camp and wait for another shot at the top. One Mountain Trip team did…

Team Snyder Moving up the Kahiltna

Allan reports that he’s feel well, the weather is good, and there’s a lot of daylight! The team is making its way up the Kahiltna glacier, and all is well.

denali kahiltna glacier

Here’s Allan:


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June 12 Team Caches at 16,400′

It was a big day for the June 12 team, the first day of climbing on the upper mountain(above 14 Camp. The terrain immediately above the big 14 Camp starts out pretty mellow, but the slope increases as the climbers ascend. After about an hour of hiking, the snow starts to get quite steep, culminating…

Team Ema Rests at Camp 1

The team elected to take a rest day at Camp 1 to allow Kaylee a bit of extra time to recover from a 12-hour bug. She’s feeling better and the team plans to make the move to Camp 2 tonight.

Here’s Kaylee:


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June 7 Team – ON THE SUMMIT!

Four members of our June 7 West Buttress Team reached the summit of North America today! Stephane Mayer, Serge Larouche, Jonathon Eakes and Lead Guide Zach Keskinen pushed hard in cold, windy conditions to reach the summit of Denali today.  Reports from the day were that it was a tough, cold day.  The weather started…

June 17 Team Cached Below Camp 2

Today, the June 17th team carried loads to an elevation of about 10,200′ (3010m).  They loaded up packs and sleds with roughly half of their supplies, extra clothing and carried it all uphill for several hours.  Arriving at their intended destination, they dug a deep pit in the snow and buried a “cache.”  After marking…