May 22 team: backcarry from 11k

The storm is brewing, Caitlin reports….but the team still managed to travel down the glacier, pick up their gear cache and fortify camp in the face of increasing wind and heavy snow.  No big deal for them, in a good camp with all of their supplies on hand, weather just gives more opportunities to catch…


May 8 team: still at basecamp

Patiently waiting for the weather to break: think positive and maybe we can get the weather to lift enough to get our team back to civilization!

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May 22 team: settled into camp 2

Caitlin called in after tucking everyone into their tents for the evening.  Sounds like the team put forth a strong effort and single carried all of their gear and food to 10,200′, dropped a cache and proceeded on to camp 2, where they met up with another Mountain trip team.  She was very proud of…