Operation Aconcagua – Neil checks in from BC

Neil called in from Plaza Argentina with an update.


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November 26 Aconcagua – Joe Calls from Pampas de Lenas

Joe called in via satellite phone to update us on their progress!


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Welcome to the trip dispatch page for Operation: Aconcagua.  This is an expedition to climb the tallest peak in all of the Americas, Aconcagua, in order to raise awareness and funds for several non-profit organizations that assist our returning wounded service members. The climbing team will consist of only one primary climber, double leg amputee SGT (retired) Neil Duncan,…

Back in Bali

The guys are back in Bali after a couple of days delay trying to get out of Sugapa, and an overnight in Surabaya on the way back.  It was a challenging journey, and patience wore thin at the end, but they are back to the world of International Airports and Starbucks coffee.   Indonesia is a…

Carstensz Team – Back in Sugapa!

Joe and Scott are back in the village of Sugapa, along with Jacob Schmitz, who accompanied the team to the top of Carstensz Pyramid, the highest peak in Oceania.  The trek through the jungle was very difficult, exacerbated by heavy, almost incessant rain, and deep mud.  They were fortunate that today, on their final day…